Why NEIT’s MSIT is better than an MBA

If you are looking to take the next step in your career, you very well could be debating between an MBA and MSIT degrees. At New England Institute of Technology you get the best of both.

The MSIT program at NEIT provides extensive business management courses. Graduates excel at working beyond the operations level to the policy and strategic management level.

Our curriculum provides courses in Leadership, Management, Professional Ethics, IT Finance, Information Technology and the Law. Students are prepared for the issues they will face as leaders and managers. Students learn how to:

  • Understand common IT/business strategy models and techniques (Porter’s Five Forces, Gartner magic quadrant, S-curve, brainstorming, SWOT analysis).
  • Analyze and apply tools to lead change and people.
  • Compose a leadership style and professional roadmap to implement immediately.
  • Analyze ethically ambiguous scenarios.
  • Detect and judge relevant ethical, social and legal issues in information systems.
  • Recognize how intellectual property law, tort law, contract law, cyberlaw, and privacy issues impact information technology and systems decisions.

Information Technology is changing rapidly but with our faculty’s sharing of case studies and research from their practice and research, students have the opportunity to prepare for future problems by addressing current issues. Fast-paced innovation means IT professionals need to have the foundation to adapt to new systems and products. NEIT makes that possible with courses in key areas including:

  • 3D technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drone technology
  • Innovative platforms and software

The New England Institute of Technology combines an MSIT degree with extensive business management training.

Start your degree and take the first step towards improving your career. NEIT’s flexible MSIT program works with your work schedule. Become a business leader with an online course now.

Enroll for Summer Session before July 8th.

Start your future today.

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