Look-Ahead Planning for the Slow Season: Earn Your MSCM

Now is the time to plan for the next step in your career. Earn a Master in Construction Management at New England Institute of Technology, while you work and build your skills for a better future.

A Master in Construction Management provides you with the education to be a part of this growing field. Population expansion means a need for new residences, hospitals, schools, office buildings, retail outlets and restaurants. Public infrastructures like bridges, tunnels, roads and sewer pipe systems will also need to be upgraded. Older buildings are being retro-fit with energy efficient systems.

Construction managers oversee projects to make sure they stay on budget. They meet deadlines and satisfy design criteria, working alongside designers, architects, lawyers and other members of the team. NEIT offers key business management courses such as Managing Effective Teams, Lean Construction Principles, Construction Project Finance and Infrastructure Planning & Development to train future construction managers on the skills and strategies they need to work with all members of a project’s team.

As building technologies become more complex, projects require skilled construction managers. NEIT  courses in Construction Management and the Environment and Building Information Modeling, among others, are designed to prepare you for these types of projects..

At NEIT, students learn to:

  1. Manage construction management projects using sound financial reasoning.
  2. Apply skills in problem predicting, detecting and solving.
  3. Build and maintain relationships across various stakeholder groups.
  4. Understand the impact of laws and regulatory policies governing construction operations.

Now is the time to build your future in construction management. The NEIT Master in Construction Management (MSCM) works with your busy schedule by providing the flexibility you need:

  • Courses last 10 weeks so you can keep working while you learn.
  • Set your own pace.
  • Choose how many courses to take during the fall, winter, spring, and summer.
  • Four quarters a year make planning alongside work easier.
  • A fully online program makes it convenient to continue from wherever you are.

Begin the path to success today. NEIT offers an affordable education with faculty who are industry leaders. Start your degree and take the first step towards becoming the manager and chief officer you know you can be. Make the most of your time by enrolling today.

Plan for Success.
Enroll now and start your future today.

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