Learn From Those Who Wrote The Book On It

Cooper_Union_New_Academic_Building_from_northHaving professional experience is part of what makes the NEIT faculty great. Another aspect is our faculty’s ability to communicate complex ideas to a wide audience.

Publishing a book highlights this expertise. Here are few works published by our faculty:

Timothy Henry, PhD — MSIT Program Director

Data Abstractions & Problem Solving with C++

Timothy Henry’s book, Data Abstractions & Problem Solving with C++ : Walls & Mirrors won the national McGuffey Longevity Award in 2016. This award recognizes textbooks whose excellence endures; books must be in print over 15 years and continue to sell. Another popular advanced programming textbook by Dr. Henry is Data Structures and Abstractions with Java. The impact of these books has made Dr. Henry a notable and valuable resource in the profession.

He is now updating A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology for its 5th edition, to be published in the spring of 2017. In this textbook, he addresses the ethics issues surround digital technology that professionals must know to serve as the best leaders in our new world. As arguments about cybersecurity, Big Data, data mining and privacy continue to appear in the media, some question the current ethical standards of the Information Technology field. Every IT leaders faces challenging ethical decisions and often the correct decision or path is not clear or may not even exist.

Learn how to lead in these scenarios when you take a course like IT546: IT Professional Ethics. The MSIT program at NEIT and Dr. Henry are committed to ensuring that graduates are prepared for the dilemmas of the future. Ethical issues must be addressed by responsible IT professionals. Learning how is an important part of your education.

Gabar Mustafa, PhD — MSCM Program Director

Optimal Engineering Strategy for Sustainable InfrastructureGabar Mustafa’s book, Optimal Engineering Strategy for Sustainable Infrastructure: Water and Sanitation Case Study from Eastern Sudan, provides an important case study in the use of small-scale technology schemes. Learn about:

  • Developmental impacts on socioeconomic and political environments
  • The importance of cultural sensitivity
  • Adopting effective, sustainable and appropriate technologies
  • Why these practices are increasingly relevant everywhere

Green technologies are increasingly important. Be prepared to manage water resources in the future. Knowing how to implement a sustainable construction project will put you ahead of the rest.

Get the training you need in structural engineering and discover the best practices and technical skills that drive 21st century construction management when you take courses like the MSCM-512 Construction and the Environment or MSCM-543 Infrastructure Planning and Development. Become a leader in construction management by knowing how to implement the most suitable options for every environment.

Learn from the best.

The faculty at NEIT introduce students to case studies from their experience in the field. Their research and scholarship inform how they teach, what they teach and why they teach it. Learning from their research gives you a stronger foundation by preparing you to apply what you’ve learned in the years to come.

You can find out more about the MSIT or MSCM program at The New England Institute of Technology, get an application packet here, and begin your path to learning from those who wrote the book on it.

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