Curriculum: MSIT



IT 502 Data Warehousing and Data Analytics

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
This course will build upon the student’s database knowledge by examining data warehousing and data mining techniques. This course will examine database architecture and implementation necessary to enable corporations to maximize their investment within their business intelligence departments. Students will compare and contrast product offerings from major vendors as well as analyze case studies of organizations using these technologies to drive their business. Students will also gain experience with the latest tools and techniques through a series of hands-on exercises.


IT 504 IT Finance

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
Students will examine key financial accounting principles and describe the purpose and structure of financial statements and the terms and principles used to create them. An analysis of financial statements using profitability, liquidity, debt, asset activity, and market value ratios will be covered to show how informed financial decisions are made about a company.  Also, students will learn the concepts of the time value of money and will be introduced to the basics of capital budgeting and how to make long-term financing decisions by analyzing IT capital expenditures. In addition, the course will cover short-term financing decisions such as managing cash and inventory.


IT 512 Network Infrastructure and Design

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
The course will enhance and build upon the student’s knowledge of networking.  By examining the network infrastructure from the perspective of the customer’s needs and goals, students will learn the practical aspects of network design.  Students will learn how to characterize, classify and interpret existing networks and traffic, and how those characteristics are impacted by logical network design and physical network design.  Students will discover the appropriate methodologies and acumen for examining the technologies and devices needed for a campus network and an enterprise network.


IT 514 IT Leadership

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
This course in leadership is intended to provide one of the essential skills required to become an IT manager at any level.  Leadership is about making things happen, creating change, with a deep understanding of the context and who you are as an individual. This course aims to increase knowledge and skills related to catalyzing action, including how to make sense of context, using power and influence, building momentum for change, and developing leadership capabilities in others. Students will also examine the complexities and challenges of IT leaders in large, medium, and small business enterprises to gain an overall understanding of how the information technology function supports and impacts the business as a whole and to develop skills used to effectively influence managers outside of the IT function.  Students will also develop their communications, critical thinking, and presentation skills.


IT 522 Software Architecture and User Interface Design

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
This course reviews some of the most successful strategies for building a software system, including data-flow, data-centered, hierarchical, component-based and distributed architectures. Students will gain a thorough understanding of software components, connectors and configurations and learn how to apply user interface design principles for developing systems that are intuitive and meet the client’s requirements.


IT 524 Information Systems Security

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
Students in this course will get a high-level overview of the information security topics for which today’s corporations need competencies. Essential security topics in this course cover network fundamentals and applications, standards, privilege management, environmental security issues, defense in depth, risk management, vulnerability assessments, business continuity planning, security policies, incident handling, web application security, and advanced persistent threats.


IT 532 IT Project Management

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
Project management is more than merely parceling out work assignments to individuals and hoping that they will somehow accomplish a desired result. In fact, projects that could have been successful often fail because of such take-it- for-granted approaches. Individuals need hard information and real skills to work successfully in a project environment and to accomplish project objectives. Topics include project management life cycle and process; identifying and selecting projects; developing a project proposal;  techniques for planning, scheduling, resource assignment, budgeting, and controlling project performance; project risks; project manager responsibilities and skills; project team development and effectiveness; project communication and documentation; and project management organizational structures. The concepts in the course support the project management knowledge areas of the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).


IT 534 Information Technology and the Law

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
This course is designed to provide a broad-based analysis of the legal issues confronted in today’s information technology (IT) arena. It provides a foundation of the basic intellectual property concepts upon which IT activities and transactions are based. Such transactions include the licensing of software or information resources, the outsourcing or hosting of services or information, and development of software or websites. It also examines the challenges posed by e-commerce. Existing and pending laws and regulations impacting the use of IT systems, including electronic privacy and security mandates and the use of electronic signatures are also addressed. Finally, the course examines potential liabilities based on the operation of IT systems, including Internet-based problems (e.g., hacking, denial of service, cyber-torts), domain name/trademark issues, and intellectual property concerns.


IT 544 Cloud Computing

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
This course provides students with a detailed exploration of the cloud-computing paradigm. After studying cloud architecture, students will study the strategic, risk and financial impact of utilizing this platform. Pertinent topics also include design, implementation and security aspects of applications stored in the cloud.  The class will cover the entire spectrum of moving applications into the cloud.


IT 546 IT Professional Ethics

4 Class Hours 4 Quarter Credit Hours
As future managers and leaders in the information technology field, students will be confronted by many challenging ethical decisions where the correct decision is not clear or may not even exist. This course aims to increase the student’s awareness of the implications of the digitization of data, information, and communications on organizations and society and provide a strong foundation in professional ethics. Topics include but are not limited to globalization, outsourcing and ethical issues such as information privacy, accessibility, property, disclosure and accuracy. Students will be given case studies and ethical scenarios where the decision making process is as important as the final decision students reach.


IT 556 Master’s Project

5 Class Hours 5 Quarter Credit Hours
This course focuses on the design and management of an IT infrastructure that aims to support: 1) the enterprise’s structure, core processes, and relationships with external entities such as customers, suppliers, and outsourcers; 2) the IS function and its role in marshalling information technologies and information assets to support the strategy of the organization, and 3) the information technology architecture consisting of the organization’s networks, hardware, data, and applications. Students will learn how to integrate and synthesize these three aspects of the enterprise, how IT must be aligned with the strategy of the organization, and how to make appropriate choices about architecture in relationship to overall organization goals.


IT 591 Workplace Practicum I

20 Field Hours
Prerequisite: Requires successful completion of four courses in the Master’s program and approval of IT Graduate Director or Department Chair
In this optional course, students will use knowledge gained through previous coursework in the Master’s program with planned and supervised work experiences in the public or private sector. The course allows students to enhance the practical skills necessary for success by being exposed to the reality of the world of work beyond the boundaries of the campus and enhancing their self-confidence and career direction. Students are required to provide bi-weekly status reports to the IT Graduate Director while enrolled in this course.


IT 592 Workplace Practicum II

20 Field Hours
Prerequisite: IT 591
This course is a continuation of the Workplace Practicum begun in IT 591.


IT 593 Workplace Practicum III

20 Field Hours
Prerequisite: IT 592
This course is a continuation of the Workplace Practicum begun in IT 591 and continued in IT 592.


IT 594 Workplace Practicum IV

20 Field Hours
Prerequisite: IT 593
This course is a continuation of the Workplace Practicum begun in IT 591 and continued in IT 593.