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According to Forbes Magazine, “Graduate degrees in information technology, computer programming and engineering have proven value.”

No other occupation predicts the hiring increase that Information Technology does. With an overall growth of 15%, IT is a field with remarkable opportunities. Some specialties will grow even more, like healthcare. In fact, Insurance carriers expect to hire 26% more Information Systems Managers to meet the industry’s growing online presence.

Information Technology has become a vital part of every industry. The 2007-9 recession barely affected it–the industry showed barely 1% job reduction. As of 2010, employment in Information Technology exceeded 2008 numbers. Between 2010 and 2020, the industry is expected to grow employment by 3.9% a year. At the management level, the need for Information Technology Managers is estimated to increase nearly 40%.

Information Technology Managers are responsible for developing and implementing technology strategies in fields outside of their own. Communication and management skills are one of the most important tools for success in the industry. An IT operation usually depends on a large team to maintain networks and security.  An Information Manager oversees systems analysts, developers, programmers and other computer support specialists. Managers must be adept at explaining complex computer systems to those outside of IT and corporate strategies to their IT team.

Certain fields in IT already show great growth. Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud computing, which means more managers are needed to communicate between cloud service providers and businesses. Cyber attacks are growing in number, making cyber security services more important than ever before. As retail outlets and banks develop stronger cyber security firewalls, managers must communicate changes and needs between the two parties. Other industries like healthcare and data management also show growing need for Information Technology Managers.

With such a great demand, businesses seek Technology Directors, Security Managers, Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers to manage the changing technology requirements at each company. These positions not only require a thorough understanding of the technology, but a respect and appreciation for management at the legal, financial and ethical level.

In 2015, the median pay was $131,600.*

The future of Information Technology management requires understanding management theories and being prepared to apply them within the computer and information industry.

Many Master in Information Technology degrees focus on the science of technology.

However, NEIT’s MSIT degree provides a thorough foundation in management practices.

The difference? With the help of NEIT, you can take your knowledge of the technology and become an executive.

Start your degree and take the first step towards becoming the manager and chief technology officer you know you can be…in as little as 18 months! NEIT’s flexible MSIT program works with your work schedule. Become a business leader with an online course now.

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* All information gathered from the  Occupational Outlook Handbook US Bureau of Labor Statistics. See page on Computer and Information Systems Managers.

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