Course Objectives: MSCM


Successful graduates of the proposed MSCM degree program will be able to demonstrate each of the following learning outcomes.

  1. Acquire a construction management perspective that is informed by the linkages between construction and management (i.e., ethics, labor, accounting & finance, dispute resolution, negotiations) best practices.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to build and lead effective teams using appropriate interpersonal skills.
  3. Proactively adopt and integrate emerging technology within construction management practices.
  4. Evaluate and implement appropriate contract delivery methods based on desired project outcomes.
  5. Analyze construction projects relative to fundamental aspects of construction management (i.e., cost, schedule, quality, safety, ethics) and develop appropriate solutions.
  6. Acquire the ability to effectively assess and manage risk in a construction management project.
  7. Acquire an appreciation for and ability to apply the principles and practices of sustainability in a construction management project.