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Grow with the IT Industry at NEIT

According to Forbes Magazine, “Graduate degrees in information technology, computer programming and engineering have proven value.”

No other occupation predicts the hiring increase that Information Technology does. With an overall growth of 15%, IT is a field with remarkable opportunities. Some specialties will grow even more, like healthcare. In fact, Insurance carriers expect to hire 26% more Information Systems Managers to meet the industry’s growing online presence.

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Why NEIT’s MSIT is better than an MBA

If you are looking to take the next step in your career, you very well could be debating between an MBA and MSIT degrees. At New England Institute of Technology you get the best of both.

The MSIT program at NEIT provides extensive business management courses. Graduates excel at working beyond the operations level to the policy and strategic management level.

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Advantages of Online Courses

iStock_000014389703SmallTaking classes online can help you get a master’s degree while you work. Online programs have grown in popularity among busy professionals and become widely accepted across industries.

They have so many advantages. You can apply what you learn while you work. You discover the latest trends and concerns in your industry.

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Learn From Those Who Wrote The Book On It

Cooper_Union_New_Academic_Building_from_northHaving professional experience is part of what makes the NEIT faculty great. Another aspect is our faculty’s ability to communicate complex ideas to a wide audience.

Publishing a book highlights this expertise. Here are few works published by our faculty:

Timothy Henry, PhD — MSIT Program Director

Data Abstractions & Problem Solving with C++

Timothy Henry’s book, Data Abstractions & Problem Solving with C++ : Walls & Mirrors won the national McGuffey Longevity Award in 2016.

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