Associations for Information Technology Professionals

accent-handshakeJoining a professional association is an excellent way to build your network, discover trends and issues in the industry, and expand your knowledge. While pursuing your education, learning about the organizations in your chosen field, even attending a national conference if convenient, is a great way to begin applying what you’ve learned in conversation with your future colleagues.

AITP – Association of Information Technology Professionals

logo-aitpFounded in 1951, the association changed its name to the Association of Information Technology Professionals in 1996. Through individual chapters as well as the national association, AITP “seeks to advance the IT Profession through professional development, support of IT education, and national policies on IT that improve society as a whole.”

AITP members work at every level of the IT industry –– mainframe systems, micro systems, PC-based LAN and WAN systems, as well as virtual systems and the internet. There are special niche groups within AITP for a variety of member interests. Members represent many industries from banking to education, from finance to government, from military to retail.

There are AITP student memberships available at low annual dues, as well as professional memberships so that you can build your future network by connecting with fellow students now.


logo-comptiaFounded in 1982, CompTIA is dedicated to “learning, growing and personal and business success.” There is a strong emphasis on life-long learning—CompTIA provides educational videos and guides, and issues 4 levels of certification across many topics. CompTIA also emphasizes the connections that members build at the annual convention, conferences and chapter events.

Members are expected to participate in events and share best practices:

“It’s not just about consuming, but also contributing – not just to the association, but more importantly to other members and the IT industry as a whole…. We draw on our members’ expertise and experience to shape our products and services. Each and every member brings something different to the table and it’s those unique characteristics that make CompTIA strong.” 

ISSA – Information Systems Security Association

logo-issaFounded in 1982, ISSA is an international organization for cybersecurity professionals. The association seeks to help its members advance, as well as stay current on technology risks and best practices for protecting critical information and infrastructure. ISSA has more than 100 chapters around the world. Members represent a diverse collection of organizations, including major U.S. and international corporations, leading consulting firms, world-class educational institutions, and government agencies.

Through local chapters, members participate in networking events and learn about issues in the industry. In addition to hosting an annual international conference, ISSA provides web groups, special interest channels, an e-newsletter and the ISSA Journal all of which fosters discussions on major topics in the field of cyber security.

There are many other associations that are appropriate based on your area of interest and expertise within information technology. As you build and learn your skill sets, you will discover additional organizations focused on your area of specialty.

At New England Institute of Technology, the Master’s in Information Technology provides a strong foundation in the knowledge areas you need to succeed. As your education helps you develop areas of strength and proficiency, you gain the knowledge to become a peer member at these professional organizations. Getting your MSIT helps you learn the technology and management skills for a great career. You gain the professional foundation to expand your network and associations.

Plan ahead. Enroll for the classes starting in the fall of 2016 so that you can build your knowledge and network base during the slower winter season.

Build a better career with an MSIT from NEIT.

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